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Frederic Larson

Larson a photojournalist for the San Francisco Chronicle for 30 years and like most staff photographers for major metropolitan papers, he covered everything from fires to football, from earthquakes to celebrities. Larson has received over 50-photography awards for his work over his long career. His works can be seen many national magazines and a published book titled "Mystical San Francisco."


Great Moments in Great Light

Capture great moments in great light in the world of digital photography.  Discover lights magic moments and change snapshots to award winning photographs. Explore principles of light mastered by professional photographers of National Geographic and Life magazine.  Larson's workshops  will give you the opportunity to improve your personal portfolio or family album.  All work will be produced by the latest means in digital photography.  Production will be taught on need-to-know bases using the latest programs in Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro.   


Photography for the Passionate

Your passion about photography is the only requirement to join the "Friends of Photography" Meet-Up Group.  Pulitzer Prize finalist photojournalist Frederic Larson is currently conducting photography workshops around the Bay Area.  Larson's group now over 1,0000 members meets several times a month in different shooting locations and welcomes all levels of photographers from the beginner to season veteran. 

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